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25 ways people use Room 217 music

 1.  Enroute from chemo

 2.  In grief and bereavement

 3.  To promote sleep

 4.  To reduce agitation

 5.  In care baskets and comfort carts

 6.  To help complete relationships

 7.  In surgical recovery rooms and in waiting rooms

 8.  To accompany exercise like Gentle Gym, Yoga or Pilates

 9.  To support people who are dying

10.  In dementia care, especially at mealtimes and sundowning

11.  As background ambiance in organ donation transition process

Music and Dementia Care: 5 Tips for Caregivers

On January 9, the Room 217 Foundation began a series of free webinars that address issues in music and care. The first webinar addressed Making Meaningful Connections: Music in Dementia Care and was presented by Bev Foster, ED Room 217 Foundation. The following is a part of the webinar. If you would like to register for upcoming webinars, Click Here

Announcing 2 New Music Care Education Programs in 2014

2014 marks an exciting year for Room 217 Foundation, with the launch of two new education opportunities: A Music Care Certificate Program and a FREE Webinar Series.


The Music Care Certificate Program will train caregivers of all kinds to be confident, skilled and informed deliverers of music care. And a free webinar series will offer the same quality guest lectures we’ve come to know at Music Care Conferences, right from the comforts of your own computer.  Registration is now open for both these programs!


Introducing Room 217’s Artists’ Circle

The Artists’ Circle is a platform for Canadian industry musicians to partner with the Room 217 Foundation by sharing their own story of how music has or is making a difference to their health and well-being. The program showcases the stories of Canadian musicians where music has been a means of self or other care in their personal lives. The Artists’ Circle will bridge the worlds of music as entertainment and music as care. People will be encouraged to draw on music as a source of strength and hope in their journey through the inspirational stories of musical artists.

Ehatähed and the health benefits of group singing

Is singing in a choir good for your health? One group of older adults certainly thinks so. Ehatähed is the residents’ choir at Ehatare Retirement and Nursing Home in Toronto. All residents of Ehatare are Estonian with most having immigrated to Canada following World War II.

Singing together has been an historical community practice in many cultures around the world. In Estonia, it is integral. Estonia is a small nation that is said to have “sung itself to freedom” during the Singing Revolution. Estonians love music. 


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