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Recently, Room 217 sent a stewardship report to its supporters acknowledging the work that has been accomplished in this last calendar year and thanking them for their partnership.

Here are some of the highlights.

Singing in the delivery room

Music is used as a means of enhancing care in many contexts and may make an instantaneous human connection in the delivery room. That is why Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, aka “The Singing Doctor” provides the new lives he delivers with a musical welcome into this world.


25 ways people use Room 217 music

 1.  Enroute from chemo

 2.  In grief and bereavement

 3.  To promote sleep

 4.  To reduce agitation

 5.  In care baskets and comfort carts

 6.  To help complete relationships

 7.  In surgical recovery rooms and in waiting rooms

 8.  To accompany exercise like Gentle Gym, Yoga or Pilates

 9.  To support people who are dying

10.  In dementia care, especially at mealtimes and sundowning

11.  As background ambiance in organ donation transition process


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