Music Care Certificate Program


What if you could develop effective, meaningful approaches to use music in your own caregiving context?
This 3-level program prepares caregivers to use music in their care practice with increased confidence and theoretical understanding. Students learn about the positive and adverse power of music in care; they practice musical skills and build confidence using them; and they develop their own approach to making music a part of their care communities.
MCCP is suitable for allied health care providers, family and volunteer caregivers, musicians, teachers and any other community members who would like to increase their knowledge /practical applications of music in care.


Level 1 will prepare you to:

  • Understand the basic principles of music in care
  • Gain confidence using specific music care techniques
  • Develop a strategic plan for a music care program in personalized context

 Level 2 will prepare you to:

  • Build music strategies that are directly applicable to your care setting
  • Increase your knowledge of research in music care domain areas
  • Develop awareness of music’s role within the circle of care
  • (Pre-requisite: Level 1)

 Level 3 will prepare you to:

  • Develop advocacy skills in to optimize music care delivery in personalized context
  • Develop practical music-related skills for optimizing music care delivery
  • Develop deeper insight into personal connection to music
  • Demonstrate ability to facilitate music care experiences and/or public speaking
  • (Pre-requisite: Level 1 and 2)

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Interested in bringing the training to your facility? Please contact us to discuss course-hosting opportunities! Different packages are available for private onsite trainings. Please contact Deb Bartlett at, or by calling 905 852 2499.