Music Care Webinars


Informative, accessible, and free of charge!

Learn from experts in diverse music care fields in this monthly series. Each season of the Music Care Webinar Series is curated to bring you an eclectic range of current topics and engaging speakers. From mental health to dementia care, neurological music therapy to end-of-life care, these hour-long sessions cover a broad bandwidth of music’s influence. Dozens of archived webinars are available for listening to at your leisure. 

The Music Care Webinar Series:

  • takes place the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 3:30-4:30 p.m. EST
  • are 60 minutes each with a Q&A period
  • have no cost (registration required for each webinar)
Date2016 Music Care Webinar Series 5 
Sep 14/16Quality of life and aging - Dr. Andrea Creech
Oct 12/16Music, performance & music therapy in child & adolescent mental health - Elizabeth Mitchell
Nov 9/16Healing from the drum: holistic experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada - Kelly Laurila
Dec 14/16Music Care Certificate Program - Sarah Pearson
 2016 Music Care Webinar Series 6 
Jan 11/17The role of sound environment in recover - Dr. Susan Mazer
Feb 8/17Harp Therapy on the streets - Hannah R Brockow
Mar 8/17Palliative singing - John Osborne
Apr 12/17Music and bereavement - Sara Klinck
May 10/17Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation for Parkinson's -
Dr. Michael Thaut
June14/17Cardio rehabilitation & music - Dr. David AlterComing soon!