10 Domains of Music Care

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Music care initiatives and interventions can fall into ten domains of delivery. Understanding these different dimensions helps healthcare leaders and administrators know what to expect when hiring someone to use music in care, and what various trainings and specialties exist already. It also helps these leaders map what music care initiatives and interventions exist already, plan for innovative music care projects, and hire appropriately trained personnel. Some programs and services may fall into more than domain.

Community MusicAccessing music performance between healthcare site and community-at-large
Music Care SpecialtiesPerforming therapeutically-intended music by practitioners with certified training
Music TherapyProviding treatment using music within a therapeutic relationship as an accredited scope of practice
MusickingEngaging informally and spontaneously with music
Music ProgrammingIntegrating music formally in programs
Music TechnologyIncorporating technology to deliver music for a care-related goal
Sound EnvironmentBringing intentionality to sounds made in the care environment
Music MedicineAdministring prescriptive music-based interventions for medically related outcomes
Music Care TrainingTraining to integrate music into regular care practice
Music Care ResearchInvesting in evidence-based research using music and music strategies to enhance care