Jessica Hana Deutsch grew up in Toronto, and after living in Vancouver and Barcelona, has returned to embrace this city and its vibrant musical community. She was raised in a family where everyone played, grandparents, parents, and kids, and often together. She began the violin at the age of 4, and studied with Mark Skazinetsky, the associate concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. She was a three-time national finalist at the Canadian Music Competition and performed the Bruch Concerto with the Huronia Symphony at the age of 13. She also played extensively in ensembles including the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra and the University of British Columbia Symphony Orchestra.

At 17 years of age, having moved to Vancouver for university, she began to branch out and quickly took to a wide variety of styles, including Celtic, Mariachi and Roma music. While pursuing her degree in First Nations Studies, she played with several bands in Vancouver. She moved to Barcelona and learned jazz the best way: At jam sessions in smoky clubs and bars. She has also traveled to learn music in Cuba, Turkey and France.  She moved back to Toronto to study with Drew Jurecka at Humber College.  Jessica is a sought-after player in Toronto due to her facility in many styles and her inventiveness on the violin. Find out more about Jessica at www.jhdmusic.com