Artists’ Circle

People make powerful connections with musicians, their music and their story. The Artists' Circle is a platform for Canadian industry musicians to partner with the Room 217 Foundation by connecting with Canadians with complex care needs and their caregivers by sharing their own story of how music has or is making a difference to their health and well-being. The program showcases the stories of Canadian musicians where music has been a means of self or other care in their personal lives. It may be an experience of caring for a loved one, or a personal illness; each artist invited to the Artists' Circle has a story of music care and is invited to share that story as a means of connection.

Currently, the Room 217 Artists' Circle is comprised of:

Dan Hill
Liona Boyd Room 217 Foundation Artist's Circle Music-Care-Conference-Calgary-music-therpay-palliative-care-end-of-life-artists-circle
Liona Boyd
Amy Sky Room 217 Foundation Artist's Circle Music-Care-Conference-Calgary-music-therpay-palliative-care-end-of-life-dan-hill-artists-circle
Amy Sky