Dimensions of Music Care Part 2: Music Care Specialities

In this, our second instalment of this blog series on the ten dimensions of music care, we are focusing on Music Care Specialties. This domain refers to the many specialized fields that merge the power of music with health care. Specialized music care practices range broadly in their approaches and their training requirements. We are re-visiting this post from harp therapist Hannah Roberts Brockow.

Comfort and Joy: Treading cautiously with Christmas Music

Rarely does music care make the most obvious sense as it does at the holidays. For so many, Christmas is inseparable from its famed and beloved music. At my work this month, the requests for Christmas music are overwhelmingly strong, and the comfort it can bring is immeasurable.

John's song

Sometimes a simple song is enough to transform a whole relationship. The following post is from Jennifer Buchanan of JB Music Therapy, Room 217’s wonderful Calgary partner organization.


john: alone…but not for long…it just took one song.


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