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Tune In To  Music for Self Care - Jennifer Buchanan 

Using Music Apps in Care - John Mews


Being fed by music by Sarah Pearson
Building a Music Care Community by Bev Foster
Christmas in September by Jane Twohey
Christmas music: a gateway to emotions of the season by Sarah Pearson
Comfort and Joy: Treading cautiously with Christmas Music by Sarah Pearson
Country music, clichés, and care by Bev Foster
Defining the DNA of the Music Care Community by Bev Foster
Meaningful Song - Northwest Passage by Dr. Elaine Bander
Meaningful Song: Cammina Cammina (walking walking) by Norma Palumbo
Music Care Stories Series:  Bearing Witness to the Power of Music by Sarah Pearson
Music Care Stories:  A Caregiver's Thank You by Sarah Pearson
Music Care Stories: The impact of one volunteer by Krystyna Higgins
Music for the Holidays by Sarah Pearson
Music is about the relationship by Sarah Pearson
Music therapist improves ADP music programming with Pathways by Deb Bartlett
Remembering Michele by Bev Foster
Room 217 products featured in Care Corner by Deb Bartlett
Sharing Music on Christmas Morning by  Bev Foster
Singing and the Power of Connection by Janelle Glick
Singing in the Delivery Room by  Bev Foster
Songs and dads by Bev Foster
Songs, Connections & Nanny Gross by Bev Foster
Strengthening our capacity to care by K Patterson
The goodness of Harp Therapy by  Hannah Roberts Brockow
The Last Iris: A Mother's Day Tribute by Jane Twohey
The Ocean Drum by Sarah Pearson
When words leave off, music begins.  ~ Heinrich Heine by  Val Maloney



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Caregiving Matters

A Place for Mom
North America's largest senior living referral service, having helped over one million families since 2000. Unique in that they have Senior Living Advisors who offer personalized one-on-one guidance to families as they search for the right care for their loved one, at no charge to them.  Check out their Caregiver Toolkit.

Canadian Homecare Association

Caregiving Matters
Offers support and education to those coping with the declining health or death of a parent.

Family Caregiver Alliance
A U.S. based online help site for caregivers including support groups, resource guides and disease-specific information.

Simply for Seniors and Those Caring for Seniors

The Careguide Online

On Grief and Grieving

Quality of Life Publishing
Specialists in gentle grief support offering books, booklets, and interactive workshops. Quality of Life Publishing also offers a speakers bureau featuring authors and experts in grief and bereavement.

Robert's Press and the Grief Resource Centre

The Association for Death Education and Counseling
A useful site for those interested in teaching or learning more about death, dying and bereavement.

The Centre for the Grief Journey
Dr. Bill Webster's comprehensive site providing practical support and advice for those individuals who are grieving after a significant loss.

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