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Since biblical times, music has been an important part of Jewish life, integral to religious and cultural experiences. Healing Light is a collection of traditional Jewish music including folk, klezmer and liturgical songs. Healing Light is meant to provide comfort to those who are sick, shut-in or in residential care.

Guitar: Aidan Mason
Violin: Jessica Deutsch
Mandolin: Eric Stein
Vocals: Lenka Lichtenberg
Playing Time: 58:30

Complete Album Song List
music that refreshes the soul (Collection Two)

Jerusalem of Gold

Jerusalem of Gold was written in 1967 by Naomi Shemer for the Israel Song Festival. The Festival's producer searched Kol Israel (national radio station) and found few songs concerning Jersualem written by Israeli poets and composers since the turn of the century. For more info and translations of this song, see

Erev Shel Shoshanim

This poetic Hebrew love song is often used as wedding music at Jewish weddings. The translation is as follows: It is an evening of roses Let us go out to the garden Myrrh, Spices, and Frankincense Are as a carpet under your feet Night falls slowly And a wind of roses blows Let me whisper a song for you slowly A tune of love Dawn and the dove coos Your hair is full of dewdrops Your lips are as roses unto the morning I will pick them for myself

Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn

Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn (Bei Mir Bistu Shein, To Me You're Beautiful) is a popular Yiddish song. It was composed by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda for a Yiddish comedy musical in 1932 and the repopularized by the Andrews Sisters. The tune has travelled around the world with various lyrical versions.