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On Spirit Wings, Bev Foster’s soothing voice and delicate touch on the piano, coupled with the warm sensitive sounds of James Isaacs’ oboe and English horn provide a sweet, flowing ribbon of hope and beauty. The music combines traditional with more contemporary selections to create an inspirational accompaniment for life’s journey.

Often people are alone in their room as caregivers cannot be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Spirit Wings can be there with them to provide comfort and spiritual support.

Piano & Vocals: Bev Foster
Oboe & English Horn: James Isaacs
Playing Time: 59:13

Complete Album Song List


spirit touching spirit (Collection One)

On Eagle’s Wings

A catholic contemporary song, Michael Joncas captures Psalm 91 with thoughtful lyrics and a lovely tune. This song lifts the spirit and brings hope and comfort.

Wind Beneath My Wings

When you can’t find the words this song from “Beaches” expresses heartfelt appreciation for a friend or loved one.

Precious Lord

Precious Lord Take My Hand is a favorite American Gospel song by Thomas Dorsey.