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What a Difference a Day Makes

Giving Tuesday marks the launch of our holiday campaign, What a Difference a Day Makes. This donor-driven program removes funding as a barrier and enables the delivery and accessibility of Room 217's benefit-designed memory care singing program, Pathways, to adult day programs across the country. What a Difference a Day Makes is designed to be a controlled delivery and support process, not just a giveaway.

Adult day programs have been identified as a care sector that are least funded, yet are tasked with caring for dependent adults, many of whom have dementia. Singing, as a means of music making, is beneficial in dementia care because it is a healthy and meaningful activity; it can provide a point of human contact, an emotional connection and intimacy; connects people to prior experiences; is an opportunity to actively engage in a form of communication where language may have been affected by illness or trauma; and is neurologically different, and more instinctive than speech

The Pathways singing program was designed and produced by Room 217 Foundation to enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers. The program is comprised of 13 30-minute episodes (each containing five songs), an activity book that contains five activities per song, and online training modules to support those delivering the program.

What a Difference a Day Makes will involve identification of adult day programs, promotion of the program, delivery of Pathways, on-going communications, and an evaluation and reporting process. The outcomes of the program include the provision of meaningful activities for adult day program participants, increased integration of music into pre-existing programs, increased engagement and reduced isolation of marginalized seniors, and strengthened relationships among care partners.

Pathways beta test results showed an increase in responsiveness to music, an increase in participation and pleasure, and reduced agitation. By participating in the What a Difference a Day Makes Giving Tuesday campaign, you can give these gifts to people in adult day programs.

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Room to Room (R2R)

The Room to Room Program (R2R) extends delivery and accessibility of Room 217’s benefit-designed music resources to vulerable care sectors in Canada. R2R provides an opportunity to utilize Room 217 music resources in care and funding is removed as a barrier.  Currently the R2R program is focused on getting the Pathways Singing Program into dementia support groups.

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In Memoriam or Tribute

An In Memoriam gift is a distinctive way to commemorate the memory of a loved one or honour a loved one.  Making a thoughtful tribute is a unique opportunity to let family members, friends or colleagues know that you are thinking of them on a birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, retirement or other memorable occasion. 

If you are making funeral arrangements for a loved one, and would like to name the Room 217 Foundation as your charity of choice, we would be happy to provide In Memoriam donation cards to the funeral home.
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Rooms Everywhere

The Rooms Everywhere giving program helps the Room 217 Foundation deliver music care resources to caregivers where funding is a barrier.   Your designated gift will help provide Room 217 resources to individuals who use them on an ongoing basis.

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