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Memory Tracks:  A Care App to Support People Living with Dementia - Gordon Anderson

Noise Solution:  Case study of how using digital tools to generate capture and measure in well-being for vulnerable youth. Understanding dementia practice guidelines - Simon Glenister

Music for Dementia 2020: Using Music to Bring aboUt Change in Dementia Care with Grace Meadows

Arts Interventions in Dementia Care - Emily Cousins

Singing and the Brain - Dr. Justine Schneider

New Hope for Alzheimer's - Dr. Lee Bartel

Developing a Best Music Practice Model to Promote “Musical Health” for Persons Living with Dementia - Dr. Laurel Young

Music & Dementia Care - Robin Rio

Music & Dementia - Dan Cohen

Making Meaningful Connections:  Music in Dementia Care - Bev Foster

Music for Life: risk, empathy and creativity - Julian West


A Music Resource for Dementia Care by Bev Foster
Faces of Music Care Part 4:  Alive Inside, Henry and the iPod project by Bev Foster
Faces of Music Care Part 7:  Buddy’s Glee Club by Bev Foster
Learn how music connects people with dementia to past by Deb Barlett
Music and Dementia Care: 5 Tips for Caregivers by Bev Foster
Music, Dementia, and Meaningful Moments: a Room 217 staff member’s story by Deb Bartlett
Music program affects residents with dementia in care home by Adriana Fedorowycz
Pathways: helping people with dementia find their voice through song by Bev Foster
The Brain On Music: A Dementia Perspective by Chelsea Mackinnon
The Pathways Singing Program for Memory Care by Bev Foster
Why does music work in dementia care? by Deb Bartlett



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