2003-2004 Investigations began. What does music for people who are dying sound like? Refined musical model based on both therapeutic and artistic values developed.  The Room 217 CDds Music Collection One begins - the Spirit Wings demo is made.
2005 Field tests conducted in 10 locations in the Greater Toronto Area including hospitals, LTC, and hospice. Produced 2 more albums, Gentle Waters and Celtic Whisperings. Launched 3 of Room 217 albums at Wellesley Central Place in Toronto.
2006  Featured in Vision TV Documentary. Launched DOORWAY enewsletter and Companions programs. Produced and launched Hugs and Kisses CD.
2007 Featured in CTS TV Documentary. Produced and launched Warm Breezes and Classic Comfort CDs. This completes the Room 217 CDs Music Collection One (6 CDs) launched at Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Conference in November.
2008 The Room 217 Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation was created, allowing the full vision of Room 217 to emerge and grow. Board of Directors established. Room 217 Foundation office commenced. Recollections DVD, a collection of beautiful images accompanied by the gentle Room 217 music was piloted in 11 facilities across Canada.
2009 Recollections DVD produced and launched. Received Canadian charitable status. Oct 1 – Foundation officially launched.

2010  The first two CDs of Collection Two (Peaceful Presence and Country Road) are produced and launched. Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant received for Director of Development. First Music Care Conference held at Wilfrid Laurier University.

2011  Music Care blog launched. Dementia Care Singalong pilot project conducted with the University of Windsor in over 20 Canadian LTC facilties.  Music Care Resource Guide produced and launched. Old Chestnuts album produced and launched.
2012  Broadway Melodies, Forever Love and Healing Light albums produced and launched. Room 217 CDs Music Collection Two (6 CDs) launched.  Room to Room (R2R) Phase 1 delivery program (getting Room 217 Collections  to hospices & hospitals) is launched.
2013  Recollections 2 and Recollections 3 DVDs produced and launched. Music Care Conference includes a Music Medicine Research Symposia in partnership with University of Toronto's Faculty of Music. R2R Phase 2 continues.
2014 Launched Music Care Certificate program, a 52 hour training program for caregivers who want to integrate music into their care program.  Room 217 Music Care Conferences in Calgary, AB and Waterloo, ON.  Began Pathways Singing Program for dementia production.
2015 Launched Pathways Singing Program, a program that enhances the quality of life and care for people living with dementia.  Offically launched November 7, 2015 at the Music Care Conference in Mississauga, ON.