October webinar focusses on Sing It Girls! program

by Deb Bartlett

Where did September go? I can’t believe it’s time to promote October’s webinar already. This month’s webinar will be held Wednesday, Oct. 9 from 3:30 t 4:30 p.m. ET.

The webinar presenter is Adrienne Pringle, who will be talking about Sing It Girls, a program designed to nurture girls’ love of music as it teaches them how to care for themselves. Adrienne is a Registered Psychotherapist and Music Therapist Accredited with 20 years of experience working as a therapist, music educator, lecturer, practice leader, clinical supervisor and performer. She is a past President of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists, Music Therapist at Carpenter Hospice, Psychotherapist with CHM Therapy, and Contract Academic Staff at Wilfrid Laurier University.

In the Oct. 9 webinar, Adrienne will be discussing the Sing It Girls community singing group, which is reaching girls right across Canada. Adrienne has a great PDF on her website that explains the science that went into developing Sing It Girls. It talks about some of the challenges girls face in adolescence, and that skills taught early can help avoid poor self-esteem. Sing It Girls has been designed to avoid those outcomes in a female-only group that builds social connection while teaching wellness and resilience.

Sing It Girls is a licensed program; facilitators (music therapists) are able to use the program anywhere to guide girls in building self-confidence, self-esteem and social development.

Register here for Adrienne’s webinar Oct. 9. If you want to see her in person, she and her colleague Cathy Thompson are presenting a workshop on Sing It Girls at our Music Care Conference. They are in the company of other great presenters and sessions on Friday, Nov. 8. Register here for the conference.