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Reflections from the back seat

by Deb Bartlett

Ah, the road trip. Growing up, we had a woodie station wagon very similar to the one in the photo above. It was a Mercury Grand Marquis and it was a tank. A boat. Ours didn’t have a rear-facing seat like this one, so we used to bring sleeping bags and pillows and set up camp back there.

We had a ton of family fun in our station wagon. Rarely did we take long trips but we took many of them - to the cottage, to my grandfather’s in Britt, ON, to cousins’ houses in Windsor and Sarnia. The most memorable trip I took in the back of the station wagon was to Windsor. My youngest sister was sandwiched between my parents in the front, my cousin was between his parents in the back seat, and my younger sister and I were camped in the “very back” with the luggage. I don’t remember why we were travelling, I just remember so much fun and so many laughs.

Another key of road-tripping is riding shotgun and the responsibilities/benefits that go along with that position. The accompanying graphic is generated from a country with right-hand drive, but the rules are the same.

Technology has altered how travelling music is played; aux cords and playlists are much simpler to manage that eight-tracks, cassettes and CDs. But really, – tunes and travel just go together. Who doesn’t have memories of belting out songs while zipping along with the ragtop down, wind whipping your hair and sun shining on your face? Or thoughtfully pondering the words of wisdom or heartache a songwriter was sharing? Or snuggling with someone special listening to your song?

For the road warriors – professionals or hobbyists, Room 217 has created an album for palliative care called Road Trip. It features 17 country, rock and pop tunes guaranteed to bring back fond memories of travelling. It starts of with Roger Miller’s ode to the train-hopping hobo who calls himself (with tongue in cheek) King of the Road. Then it’s a version of Willie Nelson’s On the Road AgainMustang SallyRoute 66Sweet CarolineBorn to be WildSweet Home AlabamaLittle Red Corvette and others.

Road Trip is one of six albums in Collection 4, Boomer Tracks, which contains music of the '50s, '60s and '70s. 

The Road Trip album is sure to evoke memories of special times spent with special people through your journey of life.

Deb Bartlett is a journalist by profession, with a particular interest in the health and education beats. As Room 217’s Resource Lead, her experience as a writer lends valuable communication and networking expertise within the wide range of Room 217 customers and media relations.