Announcing the Participatory Creative Music Hub!

by Various Writers

We are excited to announce the Canadian New Music Network's newest multi-year initiative: the Participatory Creative Music Hub. The Hub is an on-line resource for Participatory Creative Music that celebrates creativity in music and sound, shares resources, and builds connectivity between current practitioners, participants and newcomers to music making from a variety of backgrounds and fields. Projects come from fields including health care, education, social services, corrections, leadership... and, of course, music care!

What is Participatory Creative Music (PCM)?

Who is involved? How is it done? Where does it take place? What approaches or processes are used? What materials are available/accessible?

The questions go on! The key feature of PCM is participation, where everyone takes part in the creative process of making music. More specifically, Participatory Creative Music is a multitude of approaches to creating music in which everyone involved, regardless of their prior experience in making music, has active input in the creative process. Authorship and decision-making is shared to greater or lesser degrees, depending on context.

Musicians who provide music care and music therapists frequently use participatory approaches in order to encourage optimal engagement with participants. are important to this resource, as contributors and as users. See here for a few featured projects:

For more inspiration and resources, see Tips and Tools. This section features tips written by experienced facilitators working in various sectors such as:

To help deepen your practice, see the Keyword bibliography, featuring links to literature online, Keyword definitions, Funding sources and on-line resources. Our hope is that, as the Hub grows, you will find ideas and resources in the Hub to inspire you in your practice - and perhaps even submit your own project!

For more information and to submit a project, email project lead Louise Campbell at [email protected].