SAVE THE DATE! October 22, 2011

by Bev Foster

It’s official!  The next Music Care Conference will be held on Saturday October 22 in Waterloo ON at Wilfrid Laurier University.  In partnership with the Laurier Centre for Music in the Community, the Music Therapy Association of Ontario, Baycrest Hospital and the University of Windsor School of Music, Room 217 will present its second Music Care Conference.  Our keynote speakers will include Dr. Richard Kogan.  Dr. Kogan is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music Pre-college,  Harvard College, and Harvard Medical School.  He completed a psychiatry residency and academic fellowship at NYU.  He has a private practice of psychiatry in New York City and is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical College as Co-Director of its Human Sexuality Program.  He is also Vice Chairman and Artistic Director of the recently established Weill Cornell Music/Medicine Initiative. . I heard Dr. Kogan speak at the Music and the Brain Symposium at the Cleveland Clinic in 2008 and was blown away. He spoke on bi-polar disorder through the life story and music of Robert Schumann. His presentation is one of a kind, a unique combination of musical artistry, narrative and medical expertise.  His topic at MCC will be:  Music Genius & Psychiatric Illness.

Dr. Petra KernOur second keynote speaker is Dr. Petra Kern, the current President of the World Music Therapy Federation. Dr. Petra Kern is a clinician, researcher, and educator in music therapy. Dr. Kern is also the editor of imagine, and owner of the California-based company Music Therapy Consulting. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings but her special interest is inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families through music. Her topic will be Global Perspectives in Music Care and will share some of her work and research around music therapy and autism.  Her website is http://www.musictherapy.biz . We’ve begun to line up workshop speakers and will soon announce our featured musicians. Stay tuned…. We hope you will join us. Registration will begin May 16 online. For more information call 905.852.2499.