Why Attend Music Care Conference TORONTO?

by Bev Foster

10 Benefits for you, your family and organization

Click here to register for Room 217’s Music Care Conference TORONTO Saturday November 10, 2012 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE – SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 To view Program-at-a-glance click here  

  1. HEAR  experts present on music and Dementia, music and Parkinson’s Disease, music at end of life 
  2. LEARN more about how music impacts our health and well-being 
  3. EXPERIENCE the therapeutic benefits of music while participating in hands-on workshops 
  4. THANK a caregiver who has touched your life by sponsoring their registration (see Jane’s story below) 
  5. ENCOUNTER technology as a means of supporting music care 
  6. DISCOVER how music can be integrated into caring for our aging population 
  7. BE INSPIRED by Amy Sky, Canadian singer/songwriter as she shares her story and music 
  8. NETWORK with other music care stakeholders and exhibitors 
  9. MAXIMIZE your dollar – Early Bird Registration Sept 15. Ask about student/senior/group pricing 
  10. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – MCC participants include professional, volunteer, family caregivers, musicians, music lovers, students
Janes’s story – Thanking a Caregiver with the gift of MCC At 82 years old, my mom never thought she would get her mobility back. After knee surgery and months of recovery, it was the dedicated support of Trish, the physiotherapist, who encouraged mom to walk again. As Mom recuperated, she listened to music on her ipad – it helped distract her from the pain and helped her rest. Trish blessed us as a family and offering to send her to the MCC is our way of saying thanks.