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R2R Program yields encouraging results

by Various Writers

dementia care, pallicative care, music therapy, music care, ipod project, room2room, room to roomRoom to Room (R2R) is a program targeted for Canadian Hospice Palliative Care programs and facilities generously funded by the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation. R2R is a controlled delivery and support process for HPC programs that want to integrate Room 217 music resources into their music care program. Phase 1 of the R2R program provided Music Care Kits to 41 HPC organizations/facilities. In Phase 2, 42 organizations/facilities were included in the Program. Many of the R2R participants tried to integrate an iPod shuffle loaded with the Room 217 Collection into their caring in this second phase.

The combined results of Phases 1 and 2 in the R2R program shows that Room 217 music resources impact patient care for people who are dying in Canadian hospice palliative care programs and facilities in at least five ways:

Improves quality of life by:

  • Promoting sleep
  • Adding a sense of peacefulness to the space
  • Reducing agitation and restlessness
  • Making eating enjoyable

Assists in relationship completion through:

  • Release and closure
  • Promoting presence even when no one was there
  • Providing intimate space between caregiver and loved one/client

Decreases feelings of isolation and fear by:

  • De-stressing caregivers
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Mitigating resistance

Helps to meet psychosocial and spiritual needs by:

  • Providing comfort
  • Enhancing communication through reminiscence
  • Companioning on the journey
  • Providing a backdrop for expressing grief and/or mutual support
  • Supporting reflection and meditation

Provides distraction:

  • From pain
  • Through soothing relaxation
  • By providing another alternative (i.e. instead of TV)

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