How musical memories can motivate exercise participants

by Various Writers

When asked what exactly is my Swingin’ Fitness program, the simple answer is “a dance inspired chair fitness program for older adults.” Actually, it goes deeper than that.
When we are young, going through high school, college, experiencing our first love, our first breakup, happy times, traumatic times, more often than not, there is a musical memory that we can connect to these life experiences. These songs comprise the “soundtrack” of our lives. Hearing them later in life can evoke powerful emotions and memories. In a Swingin’ Fitness class, the goal is to incorporate these songs in an effort to create an inspiring, uplifting and entertaining exercise experience.

Since music is at the heart and soul of every Swingin’ Fitness class, knowing the specific demographic of my participants is key. Older adults can be anywhere from 55 to 105 therefore calculations are required to determine which years to focus on in terms of sourcing the songs and selecting the music. A dance inspired fitness program where music is the main ingredient does require a playlist that resonates with the listener. It takes time, but I promise you, it has always been well worth the effort! An effort that I can happily say is kindly recognized and greatly appreciated by all who attend my Swingin’ Fitness classes.

A few tunes guaranteed to please: “Cheek to Cheek” from the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers film Top Hat, “Hey Good Looking” written by the infamous Hank Williams; his variation on a song of the same name originally written in 1942 by the brilliant composer Cole Porter and frankly almost anything performed by Mr. Sinatra.

The music you choose and the moves that you use, can create motivation with the memories you awaken.