Josee's Song

by Various Writers

Isn’t it beautiful when background noise transforms to an anthem song? When the sound waves become a chorus? Recently, I was preparing some food when the anthem of the week hit me. My YouTube playlist automatically cued the next song, and I heard Justin’s voice singing….

“Let’s get to the good part, and past all the nonsense.”

In my late elementary school days, though it was self-diagnosed, I can pretty confidently say I had an extreme case of the Bieber fever.

It was never in remission, though did not have a hold of me quite the same. Recently, upon releasing his new album, I’ve been encouraged by Justin’s life story. Though I’ve heard this song multiple times, it sat with me differently. I didn’t just hear words, I heard the condition of his heart’s desire. The simple words he sings in “I’ll Show You” are on the surface, but for the first time this music connected me to him. I imagined myself singing those words, as if I were him, and suddenly the song surrounding me was extremely powerful. Essentially, it’s the same plot line in my life as in his. It’s just a different story. Beneath the easy listening I felt the tug of things unsaid. Words cannot express the unexplainable. Yet somehow, in a peculiar way, Justin’s song “I’ll Show You” really hit me when I heard it.

Our lives are stories, aren’t they? The present becomes a memory to later be stored as collections in our brains. We remember, and see connections between them. We put words to the memoirs to communicate our past. And while the world is under one big story, we each have a story to tell.

My own life story has quite the extensive soundtrack so far. Amidst recent trials, I’ve found comfort in hearing someone else sing the feelings I’d yet to put words to. Music has allowed me to partner with other voices, from other stories, pulling me from the self-absorbed lie that I’m alone. It’s graced me to pray things I wouldn’t have thought of without it. It’s filled thick atmospheres of emptiness and refined them to peace. It’s reduced perplexing swirling to quiet simplicity. It’s been a language to communicate with my will, and with my soul.

My heart is overwhelmed by the blessing of music. What a gift to be accompanied through the peaks and shallows of each of our stories.

Raised in Port Perry, Ontario, Josee Foster - a part-time employee of Room 217 - is passionate about living counter to her culture. Currently, she loves to learn, think, move and create as she lives in a transition season.


Significant Song Series

In 2016, we are asking this question to our Room 217 community:
What is a song that is significant to you?

Once a month, we’ll be featuring stories about how a particular song may have played a role in someone’s life. These stories can be open to anybody. If you have a story you would like to share about a song that has been significant in your life, we’d love to hear from you!
Some considerations for submitting a story:
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