Meet Room 217 Directors of the Board

by Bev Foster

One of the strengths of the Room 217 Foundation is its Board of Directors. I am privileged and honoured to be working with truly great Canadians who believe with me and our whole team that music humanizes health care and can have profound impact in every human dimension.

I’ve discovered all kinds of blog posts, written materials, on line resources about characteristics of a good Board. I love how the New Zealand Institute of Directors describes it:

A board that truly adds value is not just a group of high performing individuals. A good board is a balanced team with complementary skill sets and a culture that allows them to work together to make the most effective decisions for an organisation. While the leadership from the chair is crucial, it is the full participation of every board member that contributes the most to the effectiveness of a board.

In my experience with the Room 217 Board, we roll with folks who have a passion for our cause, that music matters and needs to become essential in care. Often, Board member’s personal care experiences shape this belief. At Room 217 Board meetings, strong opinions are aired, discussions and disagreements take place, all while maintaining mutual respect. In this way, we get stronger solutions, and in the long term, have a stronger organization. While some of our Board thinks strategically, others think operationally – we need both. As a young, growing social enterprise, our Board sees through governance eyes, encouraging best practice, accountability and compliance. I’ve learned that Board members’ contributions are not only financial. Generous sharing of talent and expertise, mentoring, opening doors, and encouragement go a long way.

Meet the current Room 217 Board

Bev Foster is the Executive Director of Room 217 Foundation