Room 217 products featured in Care Corner

by Deb Bartlett

Photo courtesy of the Grenfell Public Library

The wingback chair, tucked in a cozy corner beside a fireplace, is not just a spot to sit and rest at the public library in Grenfell, SK. It’s part of the Care Corner, developed by staff at the library, and was designed as a Saskatchewan Public Library Week (Oct. 14-20) initiative.

Head Librarian Sheila Warne-Peter says the corner was made possible because of a memorial gift left to the branch. Sheila says the gift was a wonderful way to acknowledge the loss of a grieving family, while helping other area families who were struggling with caregiving duties, too. The Care Corner is a quiet place to sit and have a cup of tea, listen to the water wall, and indulge in self-care, or learn about the resources available to them as caregivers.

Behind the chair are shelves filled with books about caregiving and books to inspire, resources to be found in Grenfell, and a number of Room 217 resources, including all 12 of the CDs, and all three sets of Conversation Cards (Older Adults, Life Review and Dance). The resources can be used on site, or can be checked out to take home.

Sheila says the literature about local resources are better accessed now that they’re located in an out-of-the-way corner of the library, not where patrons can be observed perusing the information. All the resources are about grief, or care, or legal resources.

The Care Corner opened Monday, Oct. 15, with a presentation by a social worker on anticipatory grief. The branch is still stocking the corner with resources. Sheila says the Care Corner will also become a site for GriefShare meetings, to help people who are bereaved, to cope.

Sheila says Grenfell is a small community (about 1,000 people) with a large number of seniors. She wanted to ensure that the Care Corner wasn’t a space just for seniors, but that any caregiver would be able to find resources or solace.

Deb Bartlett is a journalist by profession, with a particular interest in the health and education beats. As Room 217’s Resource Development Lead, her experience as a writer lends valuable communication and networking expertise within the wide range of Room 217 customers and media relations.