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Room 217 co-founder Rob Foster loves seeing music used in care

by Deb Bartlett

This is our second installment of Meet the Board Members of Room 217. This one features Rob Foster.

Rob Foster is not only a board member of the Room 217 Foundation, he is also a co-founder of the organization, along with his wife, Bev. He has been involved with the foundation from the beginning; it’s been 10 years now since they formed the social entrepreneurship that is Room 217.

He’s involved because “I have benefitted from music all my life, and have seen the positive effects on children, seniors and people suffering from illnesses.”

Rob is also a family caregiver, who has seen first-hand how music care has impacted his mother. He thinks that personal experience is an attribute that he brings to the organization.

Personally, Rob plays, composes, sings and appreciates difference styles of music. As an educator, he “loves to see music in conjunction with meaningful activities used for care.”

As a board member, Rob wants to keep making a contribution to shaping the foundation’s goals and programming. He thinks his appreciation of different genres of music, as well as his assistance in French translation are beneficial to the work he does for the Room 217 Foundation.

Rob says he hopes to live as long and “continue to be as excited about life as my 93-year-old dad.”