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Music Education

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The Practices and Possibilities with Choral Singing in Prison Contexts - Dr. Mary Cohen

Music, Education & Creativity  - Angela Elster


Beluga kids & 6 song ideas for children by Bev Foster
Chelsea Mackinnon organising 2019 Music Care Conference by Deb Bartlett
Dimensions of Music Care Part 7: Training by Peter Exner
Inspiring, Informative, Unforgettable: A Sneak Peak at the Music Care Conference Toronto 2016 by Sarah Pearson
Learn about pulsed therapy stimulation in webinar by Deb Bartlett
Levels 1, 2 of Music Care Training move online, taught in real time by Deb Bartlett
Making Music Care History:  First MCCP Pilot Level 1 a Resounding Success by Sarah Pearson
MCC Fredericton - 10 Reasons to Come by Bev Foster 
MCC offers unique learning opportunities by Deb Bartlett
MCC Toronto - a movement, not an event by Bev Foster
Music and the Aging Brain launched at virtual learning studio by Deb Bartlett
Music Care Certificate Program turns 2! by Sarah Pearson
Music Care Conference 2011 – Waterloo by Bev Foster
Music Care Conference 2015 by Bev Foster
Music Care Conferences 2012 by Bev Foster
Music use expanded in rec, palliative care at Salvation Army Eventide Home by Various Writers
Relationship with Mohawk College spawns Skills Training Day for rec staff by Deb Bartlett
Room 217 in Nottingham Fall 2018 by Cheslea Mackinnon
SAVE THE DATE!  MCC 2013 – Saturday November 9, 2013 – Toronto, ON by Bev Foster
SAVE THE DATE! MCC Toronto - November 10, 2012 by Bev Foster
SAVE THE DATE! October 22, 2011 by Bev Foster
Three Music Medicine Research Symposia, November 8 & 10, 2013 by Lee Bartel
Why Attend Music Care Conference TORONTO? by Bev Foster

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