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What if you had go-to music recordings you could grab in those moments where you need it most? Informed by research, crafted by artists, and envisioned with a spirit of compassion, Room 217’s music is designed specifically for bedside and palliative settings.

Room 217’s Music Collection is informed by evidence-based, therapeutic and artistic literature and it is produced live in studios with excellent Canadian musical artistry.  Room 217’s music collections are made especially for people at the end of life, and their caregivers. It can also be used to comfort and soothe those who are stressed, have a chronic illness, can’t fall asleep, have anxiety etc. Room 217 music is produced with defined therapeutic and artistic values which include:

  • Familiar and comforting songs with a mix of styles
  • 60 minute continuous play, gently arranged for 2-4 voices or acoustic instruments
  • Tempo paced at 60 beats per minute to synchronize with resting heart rate and stimulate Alpha brain wave activity (which is present in deep relaxation)
  • A mix of collections with lyrics and instrumental collections
  • Targeted demographic for each album i.e. elderly, boomers, children, and mixed genres  i.e. country, hymns, jazz standards

I have been listening to your Room 217 CDs every night this week as I've been going to bed. I use headphones and lie in bed in the dark, listening. They are so gentle. They calm me right down ... bring peace ... they are a blessing. I am entering a new phase of life as a caregiver to my parents. The beautiful melodies, tone, instruments etc. help  - J Brown