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Pulsed Stimulation Therapy: Body, Blood, Bone, Brain - Dr. Lee Bartel

Music & Autism - Dr. Adam Ockelford

Singing and the Brain - Dr. Justine Schneider

Theory, Science, and Clinical Techniques of Neurologic Music Therapy - Dr. Michael Thaut

Neurological Music Therapy - Cheryl Jones 

Music & Neuroplasticity - Dr. Sylvain Moreno

The Beat Goes On: Drums and the Brain - Dr. Lee Bartel



Born this way: Entrainment & Music Care by Bev Foster
EARWORMS - When Songs Get Stuck by Bev Foster
Every Note Played by Lisa Genova Book Review by Bev Foster
Learning from the song of the warbler by Bev Foster
Music and Synesthesia by Bev Foster
Music can help reduce delirium in older adults after surgery by Lauren Winmaker
Musical Savants by Bev Foster
Neuroscience and Music:  A likely relationship by Bev Foster
The Science of Sad Sounds by Bev Foster


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Institute for Music and Neurological Function

Java Music Club
The Java Music Club is a unique, mutual support group program for long term care homes, residential supportive housing and community health organizations that group participants and staff love and: a) is easy to implement by existing staff (no musical skills required); and b) comes with complete programs materials and training for staff.

Laurier Centre for Music Therapy Research

McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind

Prelude Music Therapy
Serves children and adults with special needs by sharing information; creating and publishing music therapy strategies; conducting presentations; and, by offering music therapy resources.

Society for Arts in Healthcare

Songs of Love Foundation

jb music therapy - Calgary

Bang a Beat -Winnipeg
Bang A Beat Music Therapy Centre provides individual and group music therapy sessions, drum circle facilitation and adaptive music lessons in Winnipeg.

Neurologic Music Therapy

Music and Health Collaboratory (University of Toronto)

Music Perception and Cognition Lab (McGill University)

SMART Lab (Ryerson University)

Music and Brain Blog (University of Toronto)

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