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Palliative Care

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Music for Journeying Home: an Indigenous View of Music and Dying - Rosella Kinoshameg

Music and MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) - SarahRose Black

Introduction to the UK based "Music in Care" project focusing specifically on "Soundtrack of My Life"  - John Osborne

Music in End of Life Care -Yelena Zatulovsky 

Music at End of Life - Dr. Colin Lee



5 Effects of Music at End of Life by Bev Foster
Are We Making a Difference by Sarah Pearson
An Unlikely Friendship – Bonding through Music by Rahul Kapur
Faces of Music Care Part 3: Hospice Peterborough by Bev Foster
Learning from Larry by Bev Foster
R2R Program yields encouraging results by Debbie Devitt
Remembering a Musical Steward by Sarah Pearson
Room to Room (R2R) Phase 2 by Debbie Devitt
Room to Room (R2R) Program by Bev Foster
Singing at the Threshold by Bev Foster
Webinar series kicks off With Music for Journeying Home: by Rosella Kinoshameg by Deb Bartlett
What Gord Downie’s Farewell Tour Can Teach Canadians About Palliative Care by Sarah Pearson



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