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What if you could combine the therapeutic power of Room 217 music with visuals that fill space, calm busy areas, and provide focus in times of stress and distraction? For the waiting room, the family room, the TV room or the bedside, Recollections merges researched-informed sounds with visual beauty.

Recollections is a series of three one-hour videos of images accompanied by the gentle music of the Room 217 Collections. The sounds of timeless melodies are reflected in the sights of familiar scenes. This dual sensory (aural and visual) stimulation is paced at a slower tempo (approximately 7-11 seconds per image), and provides an opportunity for pleasure, connection, reminiscence, review, storytelling, comfort and therapeutic support. Recollections is used in a number of healthcare settings such as Snoezelen rooms, hospital waiting rooms, hospital quiet channels, long term care, hospices and in private homes.

I am a Nurse Unit Manager in a Secure Dementia Unit. I have purchased your CD's & DVD to help create a calm environment from 3pm onwards - our "winding down time". The Recollections DVD will be used as group activity interacting with the residents discussing the images etc. Spirit Wings is a particularly beautiful CD, I lost my father last month (he also had Alzheimer's Disease) and the music was very comforting to me; I will be playing it at our upcoming Facility Memorial Service (for residents who had passed on in the past 6 months) I am sure the family members and staff will find it to be beautiful and appropriate. I learnt of Room 217 from a DT Forum that I am a member of. The coordinator advised us of it and I am very glad that she did, so you may well hear from more people "Down Under".  - Jenni Wallace, Queensland, Austrailia, Nurse