What is Room 217?

The Room 217 Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and registered Canadian charity dedicated to caring for the whole person with music.

Room 217’s vision is to see music become an integral part of person-centered care, providing wellness, therapeutic benefit, improved quality of life, and meaning through all of life’s passages.

The mission of the Room 217 Foundation is to raise and steward funds to further the following objectives:

  • Music Care Resources – offering hope and comfort by producing research informed, therapeutic music products for vulnerable populations
  • Music Care Education – providing skills and training for integrating music into care regardless of musical ability or background
  • Music Care Delivery – getting resources to the people who need them most
  • Music Care Research – collaborating on innovative research in music and care



Music is increasingly being used and accepted in healthcare to intentionally improve wellness.  However, there is a lack of standardization as to how music may be integrated into personal care goals and the physical care setting to produce the best quality of care. As a result, the benefits of using music to enhance well-being and quality of life may be underdeveloped.

The Room 217 Foundation is working to see music used as an agent of care for vulnerable populations that can be delivered by all care providers regardless of their musical abilities or training.  To this purpose, the Room 217 Foundation develops research-informed music resources and programs that anybody can use, provides education on how to integrate music into care and supports innovative research into music and care.

The Room 217 Foundation serves care givers, and ultimately care receivers, in a number of populations such as Hospice Palliative Care, Long Term Care and various contexts of Community Care including group homes and private family homes. End users include allied health care providers, family and volunteer caregivers, musicians, teachers, spiritual care providers and many more.

Since 2005, the music of Room 217 has been a peaceful presence in the lives of thousands of people. In 2008, the Room 217 Foundation was established as a not-for-profit corporation and registered as a Canadian charity in 2009. Currently, the focus and scope of the Room 217 Foundation is on Canada with expanding interests in the U.S.A.

The Room 217 Foundation has two sources of revenue:

i. Commercial sales and services
ii.Restricted or unrestricted donations through the generous support of individuals, foundations, corporations and government gifts or grants  


Foundation Values

  • Respect We believe every human is of ultimate worth and therefore all who suffer are worthy of care. We care about the people we serve and work with and value honesty and dependability in every context.
  • Music We believe music has the capacity to provide wellness, therapeutic benefit, spiritual care and beauty through all of life’s passages.
  • Collaboration We value the collective contribution and support of all stakeholders in music and care.
  • Excellence We value quality in the production, education and implementation of music care and strive to be the source of music care in Canada.
  • Care We believe in being intentional about bringing comfort and healing through music.  We value timely interactions.