Who We Are

The Room 217 Foundation is a social enterprise that uses music to change the culture of care.


  • Develop, produce, and sell designed music care products and programs
  • Educate and train caregivers to integrate music into regular practice
  • Collaborate on research inquiries about music care application
  • Consult with caregivers and facilities on music care optimization
  • Provide music care products to vulnerable people removing cost as a barrier

We have developed the music care approach, a relational approach to care. Music care empowers all care partners to use sound and music as a holistic, human solution for care challenges in all settings.

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Our goal is to see music become a primary approach to care.

While the body of our work takes place in Canada, we are beginning to extend our reach into the UK and the USA.

We believe that:

  • Every human is of ultimate worth and worthy of care.
  • Music has the capacity to bring healing to every dimension of the human experience
  • Collaboration brings strengthened outcomes and mutual support
  • Excellence provides a platform for success
  • Care is about being intentional in everything we do

Room 217 Story

In room 217 at the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital, music changed the end-of-life experience for one Canadian family.

I will never forget the call that came on that cold, crisp January afternoon. I knew it was imminent. I was expecting it and I thought I was ready. But would I ever be ready to say the final farewell to my father?

I was close to my dad, and one thing that drew us together was our love for music. When dad had his first and second quadruple bypasses, it was no wonder that music played a role in his recovery. The tunes that lived in dad’s spirit energized him and gave him hope for recovery.

But with the diagnosis of Level 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the late spring of 2000, I watched Dad’s bottom line change dramatically during the next eighteen months. His attentiveness to profit and loss, distribution strategies and board meetings was ruthlessly replaced by blood tests and cat scans and antibiotic pics and a maze of healthcare infrastructure.

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I have been impacted by the work of Room 217 and have personally experienced the holistic manner in which music care contributes to body, mind, and spiritual care.
Dr. Rob Patterson, Vancouver, BC

Our Team

We are believers in the power of music to make meaningful changes.

Board of Directors

Sonia Brown - Chair
Lee Bartel - Vice Chair
Vice Chair
Sarah McKinnon - Secretary-Treasurer
Barbara Reynolds - Past Chair
Past Chair
Donna Cansfield - Director
Kaley Duff - Director
Brad Meekin - Director
Rob Foster - Founding Director
Founding Director
Bev Foster - Founding Director
Founding Director


Bev Foster - Executive Director
Executive Director
Kenna Kozak - Operations Manager
Operations Manager
Marian Constable - Program Support
Program Support
Shannon Shier - Resource Support
Resource Support
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